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Wellcome to our website where we write all about our therapeutic massage practices and where we share stories on how to relax your body in your home. We hope you enjoy our content and come visit us soon!


Better for your body

A therapeutic massage is better than any other method of relaxing your body

Returns the body to its natural state

A therapeutic massage will bring your body into homeostasis so it can run at its optimal capacity.

True detox

While other products advertise detoxing of the body, the message is the only true detox and the best one at it.

What do we do

We are a business that offers Therapeutic massages and we also share many articles and blogs about health and health-related topics. We take pride in our work as we have successfully helped thousands of people during our many years of existence as one of the best therapeutic massages places. If you want to relax your body and make it “run” like it was 10 years younger make sure to visit us and ask for the types of messages we can offer for you.

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Why us?

Why should you choose us? Well, that is simple, we are the best at what we do and our prices are actually made so everyone can have the best massage that they want. With us you are also in competent hands, and when it’s your body on the line that is one of the most important factors.


Our Services

We provide many services when it comes to therapeutic massages. With our wide range of skills and expertise we have divided our services into medical benefits massages, and the relaxing type massages.

Step 1

Trigger point therapy massage

The trigger point massage is a message that focuses on a point where the area I tight and packed with muscle tissue, that usually is under pressure and causes pan. With the pressure and release method, this massage is designed to elevate pain after several cycles.
Step 2

Swedish massage

One of the most popular therapeutic massages in the world. The pressure in this kind of massage is medium to high and it helps relieve stress and reduce pain in every part of your body. A very relaxing massage once you get used to it.

Sports massage

Athletes need a special kind of massage as their body is under special kind of pressure and stress. With a focus on troublesome parts depending on the kind of sport, this massage will elevate pain in shoulders, knees, joints, and other parts where a high chance of injury is present.
A massage customized for mothers that often suffer from lower back pain and swollen ankles due to pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

A massage customized for mothers that often suffer from lower back pain and swollen ankles due to pregnancy.

Our Headquarters

Our Headquarters is located in Portland Oregon. When you visit us you will notice that we have many rooms, and they all are specifically designed for the type of massage you have booked for. Every room is equipped with the state of the art tools and surroundings that will help you relax and enjoy your therapeutic massage.

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